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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Description of the Moonstone

"Lord bless us! it WAS a Diamond! As large, or nearly, as a plover's egg! The light that streamed from it was like the light of the harvest moon. When you looked down into the stone, you looked into a yellow deep that drew your eyes into it so that they saw nothing else. It seemed unfathomable; this jewel, that you could hold between your finger and thumb, seemed unfathomable as the heavens themselves. We set it in the sun, and then shut the light out of the room, and it shone awfully out of the depths of its own brightness, with a moony gleam, in the dark."

A plover is a small bird, but a plover's egg, pictured above, is a pretty large egg, meaning the moonstone is exceptionably large. The comparison to "the light of the harvest moon" creates an ominous mood for the reader. This stolen jewel bequeathed to Rachel Verinder as a birthday present from her late uncle mesmerizes those who glance into it.

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