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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Brothers

Anne has shown interest in Bob, whom she has loved since childhood, though he has been slow in returning that interest.  Nevertheless, the disappearance of Matilda has caused him to reassess his situation and redirect his attentions to Anne, who remains guarded at first.  She eventually begins to encourage his attentions which John notices and makes up a story about a relationship with a theater girl.  Anne and Bob are suspicious but are excited at the prospect of meeting her.

The way the brothers show their love for Anne tells a lot about their character.  Bob, of flighty disposition, likes Anne as of this moment, though he has shown that can change at any time.  Nevertheless, his love is as sincere as he is capable of.  For John, Anne is the only love interest he has.  Though he wants her for himself, he is not willing to interfere with Anne and Bob.  Though Bob is willing to give her up for John, one can sense that such a sacrifice is not as great for Bob as it is for John.  It appears as if Anne will chose the brother whose love is less secure.

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