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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bob Loveday

Bob decides to go search for Matilda again, having search for her before with Anne.  The further he gets from Overcombe Mill, the smaller the desire to continue gets until he decides to toss a coin to help him make a decision on whether to continue searching or to return home.  The coin lands on heads, meaning he should renew his search, but he heads home instead, stating, "I won't be steered by accidents any more."

Bob is a man driven by impulse.  His impulsive nature encourages him to leave the navy to work at his father's mill; his impulsive nature causes him to agree to marry Matilda, though he has only known her two weeks and knows nothing of her history; his impulsive nature leads him to kiss Anne's hand while the two are out searching for Matilda; his impulsive nature causes him to cool in his pursuit of her when she runs away.  As someone who is indecisive and weak, he is too easily influenced by his emotional to be sincere, since those emotions are subject to change.  Also, as a gullible man, he is likely to be tricked in any business transactions he conducts in relation to the mill, so that he would not be a wise choice to succeed his father. 

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