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Monday, April 5, 2010

Runaway Bride

The engagement between Myshkin and Aglaia is broken when the latter two visit Natasya, and Myshkin is unable to reject completely.  Aglaia runs away and Myskin remains with Natasya, deciding to marry her instead.  They decide on Pavlovsk as the site for the wedding, and, during the ceremony, Natasya spots Rogozhin and runs away with him.  The two run run off to St. Petersberg, where Myshkin searches endlessly, albeit unsuccessfully.

Myshkin shows once again that he is unable to forsake Natasya.  He remains committed to saving her, if at all possible.  Aglaia feels rejected, but she does not, in Myshkin's eyes, need salvation.  Interestingly, when Natasya see Rogozhin in the crowd, she uses the words, "save me," essentially asking him to save her from her salvation.  Natasya realizes that she cannot "live among the trees" of Pavlovsk; a peaceful exiistence would be foreign to her.  She is more comfortable in the chaotic city setting of St. Petersberg.

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