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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miss Crawley

Matilda Crawley is the aunt of Rawdon, and prefers him over his brother Pitt, deciding to make Rawdon her heir of 70,000 pounds. She first meets Becky while the latter is governess for the Crawley daughters and decides to take Becky to stay with her. She states she loves imprudent matches and is intrigue by a possible match between Becky and her brother Sir Pitt Crawley (Rawdon's father), who approaches Becky about a match only a few days after his wife's death. However, she rejects the marriage of Rawdon and Becky, especially since she is convinced it is a scheme by Becky to get her money.

Miss Crawley is a viable resident in Vanity Fair. She indulges the flattery of her relatives who are seeking to get a part of her fortune. Her sister Mrs. Bute Crawley tries to get in her good graces after the departure of Becky but Matilda tires of her. Her nephew James tries a similar scheme and is politely asked to leave when the smoke from his pipe bothers his aunt. Sir Pitt's daughters are subservient to her every time she visits. She eventually replaces Rawdon with his brother Pitt as her heir, though neither likes the other.

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